Monday, November 7, 2011

The Scent of a Baby

I can smell Hudson's sweetness on me tonight. I fed him his nighttime bottle (or baba as we like to call it) and then Ali put him to bed. It's been an hour already and I can smell him on my shoulder. He sat snuggled, facing forward with his hand over his eyes sipping his baba as though we haven't missed a beat.

Ali's been amazing. She picked up with the kids where I left off. It's a beautiful thing we've come to create, this sister dance we do with the kids. She loves them as I do, snuggles them, kisses their boo-boos and puts them to bed, in so much of the same way I do, with the love and the comfort. I sleep well at night knowing that when I'm resting during the day, much is well around me.

Something I saw in my mom yesterday changed my view of her forever. I realized as she snuggled Hudson, sounding like me, saying the same things I say to him, cozying and cuddling and loving him with so much that you can feel it touching your heart, that I am an extension of her in this way. We are all passing it on.

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