Friday, October 7, 2011

Mom ADD...Is The Diagnosis Real?

I swear that since I've become a mom, I've developed a problem staying on task, finishing a task to completion, concentrating, focusing, and feel that without my now three cups of coffee each day, I'm walking around in a foggy trance. I've heard many a mom complain about pregnancy- or postpartum (biological and adoptive) attention deficiancy, and while I've absolutely 100% experienced this for myself, on a near daily basis, I wasn't quite sure of it's conception, or certainty for that matter.

Now I go out with the girls on occassion for mom nights out, girls weekends away, and love, love, love that and absolutely recommend it to every mom I know. But I'm telling you, we've all talked about Mommy ADD and wondered whether or not it's real or diagnosable. I don't have a professional answer for that, only an illustration:

Today, as everyday begins for me, I brewed a half pot of coffee. As I opened the dishwasher door to grab a clean cup I hear, "Mom, I huuuuunnggrryyy...." and little feet and hands are grabbing and clawing their way up my leg dragging me to the refrigerator. "I want orange juice," I grab the OJ. "I want a yogurt," I grab a yogurt. Next, one needs a spoon, and in between I'm trying to fill up my cup. Then the baby who was content as could be, begins crying in his bouncy. I've got to grab him, go set him down somewhere else for five more minutes of playmat entertainment. From there, it's back to the kitchen, grab the half and half, pour it. One sip...ahhh. Set the coffee down. Start unloading dishwasher. "Mom, I want more yogurt." Grab the yogurt, put it on the table. Baby's crying. Shut dishwasher, go to baby. Bring baby upstairs for nap, come down. Open dishwasher again. "Mom! Can I have some water?" Grab cup, water, give to second child. Take a sip of cold coffee, put it in the microwave for first of seven warm-ups. Sip, distraction, another distraction, warm-up. Repeat.

I don't have Mommy ADD. I've got kids.

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