Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Find a Passionate Expert

ChildCare Resource & Referral
Here's something worth passing on: It is so immensely beneficial to know people who love what they do.

In my quest to find the right preschool program for my three year old, I used a network of individuals who are passionate about early childhood education, and the kind of play-based curriculum most beneficial to three- and four year-olds, and as equally passionate about helping me find the right place for my child.

I started by using recommendations of friends. As it turns out however, it's not just the school that I needed to be mindful of when choosing one, but the specific teacher, and their style of working with young children as well. The recommendations I'd had from friends, worked well...but for them. They got lucky in their child's teacher, or they'd known a specific teacher to request. I wasn't armed with that part. From there, well, you know what happened as I mentioned in my previous post (Why Can't Kids Play in Preschool?). Hundreds of dollars of deposits down the tubes. But after this last experience, I got smarter and I started listening to people who had an edge in on the field of early childhood education.

A few of my I-will-absolutely-keep-in-my-back-pocket-for-the-future resources: Patrice Sullivan, Director of Hobson Cooperative Nursery School, Trish Rooney, at ChildCare Resource and Referral in DuPage County, and Chris Bzdon, Executive Director of ChildCare Resource and Referral for Will, Grundee, Kankakee, and Kendall Counties. Let me tell you folks, these people know what they're doing when it comes to what to look for in a quality early childhood preschool program, and how to find one that suited our family. I can't thank them enough for their guidance and expertise. Each one of them spoke passionately about children, their developmental capabilities and needs, and ways preschools can help them thrive.

I'm happy to pass on, that by working with the above mentioned individuals, I found a place that warms my heart and I can't wait for my three year old to reap the benefits of his new found preschool. Cool stuff to pass on. :)

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